How can Marketing & Procurement Leaders significantly help each other & reduce costs?

Moor Media Services can show you. 

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What we do. What you do. 

Moor Media Services & Sunrise HiTek Group provides Marketing & Procurement leaders with measurable process improvements + cost reductions in Print, Retail Environments & Packaging.

Stores & Dealers:  Does "On Demand" or no inventory make sense for your print, marketing materials, promo merchandise, POS, packaging, signage, etc.?  If you like using Amazon & Uber, then you understand the value of the "On Demand" economy.  Please consider:

Do your sales reps, stores and / or dealers want to customize ASAP your marketing content via print & online to their customers?  Ask us for a demo to help. 

•  Content: Customize your Marketing Content (HTML, PDF or Print) and make it relevant to your customers!  Get your marketing content to your customers HOW and WHEN you want it - personalized and relevant!  Print or online / mobile. 

• Please see "The Modern Marketer"© graphic and notice how Marketing is now a combination of Artist and Scientist (Creative and Data combination). We collaborate to provide your sales reps, stores & dealers with a customized Marketing - Print On Demand Platform + the Data & Analytics you want.  

♦ Moor Media Services & Sunrise HiTek Group:  Erich D. Moor @ 847.687.7287 or email: 


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Why partner with Moor Media Services for Marketing & Print On Demand applications?  Solid experience and strong tech capabilities.  

→ "We gained a partner supplier as a specialist in print marketing rather than juggling many suppliers.  

We secured cost savings in marketing spend."

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Please contact Erich D. Moor for ideas and custom proposals @ 847.687.7287